Demolition of fireplace

Pricing (excluding VAT):

  • Standard demolition - £250


  • Widening - £50-150

  • Gas liner removal - £100

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The standard demolition price includes opening up your fireplace to the original sizing, preparing the base and removal of all rubble. The majority of houses will only require a standard demolition (£250) however, some demolitions can be extremely large. In these rare cases, the price can go up to £300 or more.

Sometimes brick arches are damaged over the years and have to be replaced with a lintel to keep the chimney breast structure sound. Unfortunately we cannot gauge exactly what a demolition will entail until opening it up. In most cases widening will not be necessary and the original builders opening is normally always large enough to accommodate the majority of burners. If you do require a new lintel we include this at no extra charge.

It is important to have the chimney swept before installation as any residual soot and creosote in your flue must be removed before installation of the new liner. We include a free chimney sweep at the time of the demolition.

Demolitions can be messy work and we take care to make sure we do not fill your house with dust. Using plastic sheeting to cover your furniture, ground sheets and a dust extraction hoover we aim to keep the mess to an absolute minimum. However, we always recommend clearing out the room as much as possible especially electronics such as TVs. There may still be dust in the air that hasn't settled after we leave.


Slate Hearth

 Pricing (excluding VAT):

  • 1 piece riven slate (for standard fireplaces no wider than 120cm) - £200

  • 2/3 piece riven slate (for wider fireplaces greater than 120cm) - £250

  • Fitting pre-cut hearth - £50

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If your fireplace already has an adequately sized hearth that you are happy with then we can leave it as it is.

Our riven slate hearths are made from Brazilian slate which has a natural finish. Unlike honed slate, riven slate has natural colour and texture variations. Some small chips on the edges may be noticeable due to the machine cutting of the slate.


Installation of stove 

Pricing (excluding VAT):

  • Installation of stove with a 9m or 10m 5" Liner + cowl - £1150

  • Installation of stove with a 9m or 10m 6" Liner + cowl - £1250

    (Also includes custom made register plate, cowl, stove pipe and CO alarm. If the length of your flue is less than 9m the installation cost is reduced by £20 per m.)

Extras (generally not required):

  • Cost per metre of liner over 10m - £20

  • Adjustable pipes - from £75

  • 45 degree bends - £50

  • Rear outlet - £150

  • Room seal kit - £150

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The installation will take you from a prepared recess to a fully functioning wood burning stove to current building regulations.

Some flues may be narrow and cannot accommodate a flue pipe entering into them with the required manufacturer stated air gaps around the wood burning stove. In these cases an adjustable pipe or 45 degree bends may have to be used to conform with building regulations.

Our liners come with a bird and rain cowl as standard. If you would like other chimneys capped or a cowl added we can do this at the time of the installation.

5" liners can only be connected to DEFRA approved and Ecodesign stoves. This is something worth thinking about when deciding on a stove model as many wood burner manufacturers have DEFRA approved ranges if you are looking for a cheaper liner.

Most houses will not need a length of liner larger than 10 metres but as part of our preparation process we will measure the length of your flue to make sure that we have a liner of the required length for your installation.


Chimney pots & Cowls

Pot Pricing (excluding VAT):

  • 300mm roll top - £125

  • 600mm roll top - £195

Cowl Pricing (excluding VAT):

  • Bird and rain - £95

  • Anti-downdraft - £130

  • Capping cowl - £75

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Not always a necessity but some chimney pots are damaged beyond repair. There is no real functional difference in the height of the chimney pots but aesthetically you may prefer a larger one.

Bird and rain guards come standard with our liner installs but you can always have extras for other flues that run solid fuel appliances.