Cinder & Smoke

Cinder & Smoke are HETAS registered installers with a combined 10 years’ experience of installing wood burners in Brighton & Hove and throughout Sussex. Our stove installations use hand picked quality components to give a refined finish we are proud of. Our liner installations come with a 20 year guarantee.


Eco Design and the new 2022 Regulations

With all the talk recently of wood burner emissions it has become confusing as to what is actually happening with changing regulations.

  1. There isn’t going to be a ban on stoves.

  2. The government won’t make you remove a stove if installed before the regulations come into effect.

  3. Replacing an open fire with an Ecodesign Ready wood burner will reduce Particulate Matter emissions by 90%

You can find a more detailed explanation by clicking the link below

Eco Design Stove Packages

To meet the new 2022 regulations we have put together a few stove packages (including installation) for anyone looking to meet the new regulations and help the local environment.

Stoves We Sell

By clicking the link below you can find all of the stoves we sell. Ranging from small to large, we offer a wide variety both modern and traditional.