Wood Burning stove FAQ

How much does a typical installation cost?

How much does a wood burning stove cost to run?

Will a wood burning stove be warmer than my open fire?

What does the kW rating of a stove mean?

How safe are wood burning stoves?

What is the difference between multifuel and wood only?

Installation FAQ

Does my chimney need sweeping before an install?

Do I need a liner?

What size wood burner should I have for my room?

I currently have a gas fire; can it be removed?

Can I burn wood in a smoke control zone?

My fireplace is very small, does this mean I need a small woodburner?

Do I need ventilation for my woodburner?

Who are HETAS?

Does my woodburning stove need to be passed through HETAS?

Do I need a cowl?

Maintenance / Troubleshooting FAQ

How often should I clean out my woodburning stove?

What happens if my firebricks crack?

What happens if the seal to the pipe cracks?

How often do I need to get my chimney or liner swept?

My stove is hard to light

The window of my wood burning stove doesn’t stay clean